Meet The Team 2022

Meet The Team 2022

Expedition Leaders


Dwayne Fields

Co-founder of the Foundation and Trustee

Co-founder of the #WeTwo Foundation, Dwayne has undertaken expeditions all over the world. From walking to the Magnetic North Pole (and becoming the first black Briton to so so) to kayaking around Jamaica, and tree climbing in Costa Rica - not to mention walking the length of mainland Britain in winter, with his teammate Phoebe Smith, to kickstart fundraising for the #WeTwo Foundation. He has worked on several projects empowering inner city young people by using the outdoors including the Street to Peak initiative in 2018 which saw him take six Londoners to climb Ben Nevis. He has starred in the National Geographic’s series Welcome to Earth alongside Hollywood A-lister Will Smith, fronted his own series Seven Toughest Days on Earth, and presented on BBC Countryfile. He cannot wait to explore Antarctica with the Team #WeTwo 2022.

Phoebe Smith

Co-founder of the Foundation; Chair and Trustee

Co-founder of the #WeTwo Foundation, Phoebe has masterminded, planned, organised and undertaken hundreds of expeditions - big and small - across the world. She walked from the polar ice cap in Greenland to the ocean - solo, pulled pulks to journey inside a glacier in Svalbard (last stop before the North Pole), tracked wild puma in Patagonia, navigated Myanmar's Myeik Archipelago and hiked to Everest Base Camp as part of the support team to the North East India's Expedition. She is passionate about using adventure to help others and as such has undertaken a series of UK-based expeditions - including 'sleeping the 3 peaks', walking the width of Britain over Christmas dressed as Wander Woman, and dangling from 10 UK landmarks on consecutive nights using portaledges - to help raise over £42,000 for homeless young people. Not to mention walking the length of mainland Britain in winter, with Dwayne, to kickstart the #WeTwo Foundation's fundraising. She has presented on BBC Countryfile, Channel 5's Saturday Show and NBC's Today Show. Having been to Antarctica before she can't wait see Team #WeTwo 2022 experience it.

Expedition Participants


Aoibh Bradley

16 - Belfast, Northern Ireland

Pay it Forward Project - Aoibh has spent the summer working with the Belfast Hills Partnership planting over 6,500 trees and hedgerows in old industrial sites behind the city. The idea is to help provide a good habitat for native wildlife, help bring more oxygen into the city by providing green spaces and sequester carbon produced by the urban environment.

Melos Krasniqi

19 - London, England

Pay if Forward Project - Melos' project is so big it will take nearly a year to be realised but that's because he is working with his former high school to take all the steps necessary to make it Green Flag certified. He's already set up a committee and has a plan in place to make sure this happens by early next year.

Ellese Owen

18 - Nottingham, England

Pay it Forward Project - Ellese has been working with her school (as well as doing this at home) to start growing their own fruit and veg to serve in the canteen. She hopes that this will help with the cost of living crisis and reduce the school's amount of food miles. She's also been giving talks in assemblies to younger students about environmental issues and solutions.

Malaki Morgan-Richards

18 - London, England

Pay it Forward Project - Malaki has been working with the Conservation Volunteers in Hanringey to help clear and maintain the green spaces in the community. He's been clearing grass, helping to maintain plant beds and learning how to do surveys of local wildlife.

Reo Christopher

18 - Birmingham, England

Pay it Forward Project - Reo has made it her mission to collect discarded plastic bottles and get them recycled to offset those that will be used to manufacture the entire #WeTwo team's kit. She's got her local Scout group involved in this too and has given younger members talks on the environment and how we can live greener lives individually. She is now working with another Scout group who have created greenhouses from old plastic bottles to see if she can do something similar with her young people.

Daniel Ward

19 - South Lanarkshire, Scotland

Pay it Forward Project - Daniel was determined to help his local area from the ground up especially the land around the River Clyde. Speaking to fishermen he learned that numbers had dropped dramatically and when he looked into why he realised it was down to the lack of vegetation alongside the river. So, working with his Scout group, he made 'wild seed bombs' and has been planting them all along the river, the idea being that the plants will attract insects, who will attract birds, shade will also be created meaning more fish in the water - in short the whole eco-system will improve from the simple act of planting seeds.

Raff Mathews

19 - Clacton-on-Sea, Essex, England

Pay it Forward Project - Despite coming into the team late (Raff was on the reserve list), Raff has big plans. In his hometown of Clacton-on- Sea (home to one of the most deprived areas of Britain according to the Ministry of Housing in 2019) he worked with his mum - a primary school teacher - and organised a beach clean locally, giving the youngsters a talk on the problem of plastics in the ocean. He plans to make the event annual or even biannual going forwards.

Owen Jones

18 - Knowsley, England

Pay it Forwards Project - Owen decided to tackle the issue of 'fast fashion' by holding an event where local people could donate clothes they no longer wanted and pick up something new - for free - by simply making an environmental pledge as 'payment'. The event was so successful it was attended by the local Mayor.

Oli Bradshaw

16 - Devon, England

Pay it Forward Project - Oli has taken part in beach cleans close to them helping collect rubbish and sign up local people to join in. They live on a caravan park and have worked with the owners to make the site more environmentally friendly by bringing in recycling facilities and taking steps to make habitats onsite that will appeal to wildlife.

Allison Ciszynska

18 - Llanelli, Wales

Pay it Forward Project - Allison has used her summer to join a local litter picking group in Llanelli where she has collected rubbish in key sites around the town. She is the youngest one by far but says she has been inspired by the others and modified her own behaviour since taking part, and made her friends consider their actions too.