The #WeTwo Foundation was set up to empower underprivileged young people (aged 16+) from disadvantaged backgrounds, by providing life-changing experiences such as expeditions both overseas and in their home country, and mentoring them to undertake wildlife and conservation initiatives. 

Every young person who takes part in a #WeTwo Foundation expedition will also give something back to their local community, meaning that it’s not only the participant who benefits from their involvement, but residents in their hometown too.

It all started with Phoebe and Dwayne undertaking an Antarctica in Britain expedition in 2019 – Seabirds to South – kickstarting fundraising for the charity. Which you can read about below. Since then they have organised a trip for 10 young people to Antarctica in November 2022 – City to Sea, with their sights set on further expeditions with Foundation participants to the Arctic, the Galapagos and beyond.

Read more about the Foundation’s expeditions – past and present – below.

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Previous Expeditions

City to Sea

Sea Birds to South